Camargue Cast Iron Bath on Marble Plinths
Camargue Cast Iron Bath on Stone Plinths
Camargue Sandstone Plinths close up
Camargue Oval Plinth
Camargue Oval Plinth close up
Handmade products from Hurlingham The Bath Company
Cast Iron
Vitreous Enamel
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Care instructions

The baths are protected for delivery and the wrapping should never be removed until it arrives in the bathroom to prevent accidental damage.

Care should be taken when cleaning the outer body to ensure no aggressive materials are used. Lightly wipe the coating with a damp cloth whenever required.

To maintain the vitreous enamel inner coating of the bath, always rinse after use and dry off with a soft cloth. Beware that a constantly dripping tap may cause staining.

About this product

An original Hurlingham design that combines cast iron and white marble, the blending of these two luxurious materials creates the most individual of baths. The unique design features a wide roll top and has optional space for taps in the roll or a straight version for taller free-standing taps. All this supported on two solid, hand carved, white veined marble or sandstone plinths or one oval marble plinth ensuring you have a bath that will last the ages! The Interior is genuine Vitreous Enamel, an ultra-tough and resistant material.


Camargure with Plinth Dimensions