Mon Empire

Mon Empire Polished With Legs
Mon Empire Cast Iron Bath - Polished Close Up
Mon Empire Polished With Legs
Mon Empire Cast Iron Bath with Legs - Polished - Close-up 2
Mon Empire Painted Lulworth Blue with Legs
Mon Empire Cast Iron Bath - Lulworth Blue -Close-up 2
Mon Empire Cast Iron Bath - Lulworth Blue -Close-up 1
Handmade products from Hurlingham The Bath Company
Cast Iron
Vitreous Enamel
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Care instructions

Care requirements for fully polished cast iron baths.  After a three day hand polishing exercise we ensure no rusting takes place by heavily coating the cast body of the bath with a marine grade lacquer. The coating will last the life of the bath as long as it is not chipped or scratched.

The baths are protected for delivery and the wrapping should never be removed until it arrives in the bathroom to prevent any accidental damage. If damage does occur we can supply touch-up lacquer for repair, free of charge.

Care should be taken when cleaning the lacquered outer body to ensure no aggressive materials are used.  Lightly wipe the coating with a damp cloth whenever required.

To maintain the vitreous enamel inner coating of the bath, always rinse after use and dry off with a soft cloth.  Beware that a constantly dripping tap may cause staining.

About this product

A doff of the cap to the iconic 19th Century French ‘Empire’ bath - the first mass produced bath from Lyon. A high sided and relaxing bath, its design is typical of cast iron baths and can be made and designed with various appliques, painted or polished however you desire. The fleur-de-lys feet further enhance the French feel.

The Interior is genuine Vitreous Enamel, an ultra-tough and resistant material.


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