Sloop oak and copper
Sloop teak and copper
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Sloop teak and copper close 2
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Handmade products from Hurlingham The Bath Company
Oak, Teak or Fruitwood
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Care instructions

Please take care when cleaning the lacquered body to ensure no aggressive materials are used. Always rinse after use and dry off with an absorbent soft cloth.

Beware that a constantly dripping tap may cause staining.

The timber cladding has been coated with an exterior yacht varnish. Can be wiped down with a damp cloth as required.

About this product

The superb Sloop is a prime example of gorgeous design and dedicated craftsmanship. Beautifully clad in oak panels that superbly compliment and highlight the hand-beaten copper, the Sloop is a real treat to all the senses. Soft curves define this stunning bath, which is sure to take pride of place in almost any bathroom. The Sloop can also be clad in teak for a slightly dark tone of wood and new for 2016: fruitwood that can be stained to achieve a more contemporary aesthetic.