Taboo Egyptian Yellow
Taboo Egyptian Yellow close up
Taboo Egyptian Yellow close up
Taboo Honed Black
Taboo Honed Black close up
Taboo Honed Black close up
Handmade products from Hurlingham The Bath Company
Egyptian Yellow Marble or Honed Black Marble
Egyptian Yellow or Honed Black
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Care instructions

The baths are protected for delivery and the wrapping should never be removed until it arrives in the bathroom to prevent accidental damage.

Care should be taken when cleaning the outer body to ensure no aggressive materials are used. Lightly wipe the coating with a damp cloth whenever required.

About this product

Creating a sanctuary of luxury bathing. The Taboo is hand carved from a choice of attractive marbles including Egyptian Yellow and Honed Black as shown here. Modelled in an elliptical form the Taboo would be an incredible Tour de force in any bathroom.

Underfloor plumbing and waste required.


Taboo Honed Black measurements