Torino Tub

Copper Leaf Torino Tub
Torino Tub Stainless Steel
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Torino Tub - Copper Leaf
Handmade products from Hurlingham The Bath Company
Stainless Steel
Brushed Stainless Steel
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Care instructions

Please take care when cleaning the lacquered body to ensure no aggressive materials are used. Always rinse after use and dry off with an absorbent soft cloth.

Be aware that a constantly dripping tap may cause staining.

About this product

Lush, sublime decadence with plentiful proportions, the Torino Tub really does convey comfort, relaxation and luxury. The stunning tub can be customised and painted in any way to accentuate and showcase the crisp, flawless body and shape. For an extra touch of class and sophistication, the Torino can be gilded in either real or faux metal leafing of your choice.


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