Galleon Painted in Hardwick White


We believe you should never have to settle or compromise, your bath should be an extension of your individual décor decisions. We offer our customers a custom paint finish. We can replicate any paint hue including all of the Farrow and Ball range.

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Galleon Cast Iron Freestanding Bath - Bespoke Tartan Fabric


We offer you the ability to incorporate materials into your bathroom with a tailored fabric bath. Along with a full fabric surround we also offer the unique service of having your bath decorated with a fabric braiding.

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Galleon Bath Conway Leather Body and Plinth


Throughout the ages leather products have been synonymous with luxury and comfort. That’s why at Hurlingham we offer you the ability to take that oldest of luxury products and create the most striking and individual of baths.

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Galleon Sudbury Yellow with Houles Antica Braiding


A similar process to the material exterior is used to identify suitable types of material. We then mark out the perfect line for the braid to follow.

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Galleon Faux Gold Leaf Stylised

Hand Gilded

Our Hand Gilded service offers you one of the most unique and luxurious baths on the market. From a selection of Gold, Copper, Copper and Pewter and Bronze leaf we give you the opportunity to create one of the most lavish and bespoke baths available.

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Gerbera 2 Close Up 1


We’ve a fabulous range of solid cast iron appliques that can be added to any of our cast iron baths. In all manner of designs and styles they can make any bath truly unique and custom.

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Gold Stencil Bath

Unique Projects

Our customers have designed and requested some truly unique baths.

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cast iron bath painted with chrome feet - shelley

Hurlingham Classic Colours

The Classic range from Hurlingham is available in any of the following paint or metallic colours.

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sheringham cast iron radiator

Cast Iron Radiator Paint Finishes

Our Classic cast iron radiators can be painted in any colour of your choice.

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Cast Iron Radiator Highlight Polish

Our Classic cast iron radiators can have a highlight polish.

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