Galleon Osbourn and Little Fabric

Nothing quite matches the impact of a fabulously printed bolt of textile. Think the floral patterns of the 60’s to the swathe of different colours we saw in the 80’s! We love some while we hate others but without doubt they are part of our lives and our choices in them say a great deal about us as individuals. So at Hurlingham we offer you the ability to incorporate those much loved materials into your bathroom with a tailored fabric bath.

First we take a swatch of the material to ensure it is of a high enough quality to undergo the fitting and water proofing process. Once approved the cloth is then transferred to the cutting table in preparation of creating the perfect templates for the bath. Aspects that need to be taken into consideration here are the pile of the fabric and the best direction to have it applied to the bath. Also the pattern will need to be taken into account and a template created which best highlights the design.

Once we are happy we have the best possible templates we will carefully cut out the various pieces ready for them to be applied to the bath. A heat proof adhesive is then applied to both the bath and the fabric and the material is then rolled into place. Pressure will then be applied to smooth out any imperfections or air bubbles which can affect the end product. Throughout the entire process particular care is taken to ensure that all seam lines are perfect. Finally three coats of a special water proofing spray are applied. This will give the bath a fully water proofed exterior allowing it to be used just like any other item within the bathroom.