Hand Gilded

Gold Leaf Caravel Bateau Cast Iron Bath

Our Hand Gilded service offers you a most unique and opulent finish. From a selection of gold, copper, pewter and bronze leaf, we give you the opportunity to create one of the most lavish and bespoke baths available, elevating the design of your bathroom to new heights.

The hand gilding of baths is a highly skilled process carried out over several phases. Several different leaf finishes are available, all of which can be bespoke to your requirements. Customers are welcome to meet our gilders to discuss their design objectives.

If a variegated leaf or paint finish is chosen, a completely random and irregular effect can be expected.

At Hurlingham our quest is to offer a unique product and to create individual style.

All products in the Hurlingham range are made from classic and authentic materials, including cast-iron, copper, brass and marble. The natural features dictate a certain variance in texture and colour. Over time, the inherent characteristics of some of these materials, particularly copper and brass, will develop interesting patinas.

Hurlingham Baths are individually created by craftsmen and therefore each bath is unique and singular in appearance.