Hand Gilded

Our Hand Gilded service offers you one of the most unique and luxurious baths on the market. From a selection of Gold, Copper, Copper and Pewter and Bronze leaf we give you the opportunity to create one of the most lavish and bespoke baths available, elevating your bathroom to new heights!

Each bath will be selected by our Master Gilder and will then be sanded down to the smoothest possible finish. This is required as the high quality leaf will distort when applied on top of any imperfection in the metal. Once finished, a pattern will be devised for each individual bath to ensure a fully symmetrical and complete finish. We will then apply an even coating of a specialised gilding size which will be left until set.

Several hundred individual pieces of leaf now need to be placed in perfect order around the bath. Once started this painstaking process cannot be interrupted until finished which will take many hours of intense concentration and craftsmanship to complete. If even one piece of leaf is applied incorrectly the entire bath will need to be stripped down and the whole process restarted.

Once our craftsmen are satisfied the leaf has all been applied successfully the bath is then left to dry for 48 hrs. Next a fine paper is placed over each leaf and we start the pressing process. This ensures that each leaf is as flush as possible to the cast iron. A camel hair brush is then used to remove any excess leaf and then the bath is rubbed down with a fine cloth to remove any minute particles.

The bath will then be transferred to our state of the art paint and lacquer facility. First we bring the bath up to the optimum temperature for this phase in the production. Once the temperature is correct we apply an even coating of water proofing lacquer to the bath ensuring no pooling or distortion occurs. The bath is then baked inside our facility until cured. Finally it is smoothed down and quality checked before being wrapped in preparation of delivery.