Throughout the ages leather products have been synonymous with luxury and comfort. That’s why at Hurlingham we offer you the ability to take that oldest of luxury products and create the most striking and individual baths. Choose from a selection of rich high quality leathers in a number of warm finishes to either create a full surround or a luxurious rim. Either one will create a beautiful bath which will be an attractive centre piece for any bathroom!

Once the leather has been selected we will set about cutting it to the individual baths template with each seam being stitched. In total four templates will be created which are then sewn together in preparation of being placed on the bath. Before we proceed we ensure that the selected bath is sanded down to the smoothest possible finish in order to make sure there are no blemishes in the final finish.

Once satisfied a first stage glue is applied to the bath and left to set. We then stretch the leather and apply the second stage of glue before bonding the leather to the bath itself which is then left to dry. A full quality control inspection takes place by our in house craftsman who is responsible for signing off on any completed bath. Only when the craftsman is fully satisfied will the bath have the final stage of water proofing spray applied which is repeated three times to fully protect the bath. This final process allows the bath to be used as much as desired without worrying about any damage occurring to the leather.