Stripe Galleon

Decorating a home can be a personal journey through textures, shapes and colours influenced by our personalities and lifestyles. A problem many people face is finding products that fit within their vision and regularly have to make allowances for manufactures’ limited colour choices. At Hurlingham however we believe that you should never have to settle or compromise but rather your bath should be an extension of your individual décor decisions. That is why we offer our customers a custom paint finish.

We can replicate any paint hue including all of the Farrow and Ball range. Also you can choose from a full selection of liquid metal paint finishes. For those more unusual selections all we need is a physical sample and we will transform your bath into the stand out item you desire in no time at all!

Stencil Design

For that even more personal touch Hurlingham also offer a stencil paint service. From an initial consultation meeting we will develop and implement a stunning design of your choosing which will give you the most fabulous of one off baths!

Our baths are prepared and painted in our very own state of the art spray and oven booth. This creates a temperature controlled dust free environment for our craftsmen to work in ensuring our finishes are of the highest possible standard. We then bake the finished bath to fully cure and harden the paint making it much more durable and long lasting. When we’re finished you will not only have a beautifully stunning bath but one which will stay with you throughout the years!