Unique Projects

Galleon F&B Lichen Par White Houles Athena Braiding 2

Sophistication with Houle’s Athena Braiding

When asked by one of our customers to explore one of our bespoke options, we were all excited by the finished result.
With its alluring shape, deep sides and classical proportions – the Galleon was the perfect choice.

Finished in Farrow and Ball Parchment white, with “on-trend” Lichen green around the lower area and a complimentary textured perfect line trim of Athena Houle’s braiding, the result…a stunning product with an air of modest sophistication.

(All our baths with a paint and bespoke finish, are waterproofed to allow for everyday use within the bathroom)

Gold Stencil Bath

Extreme Stencilling!

When asked if we could do this bespoke stencil design, we were certainly left scratching our heads somewhat. The challenge of creating a geometrical design is quite a big ask when you have curves going in all directions!

After a lengthy debate, and at times doubting our sanity, the production team at Hurlingham Baths came up with a cunning plan.
With the total process taking over 5 days, we were all excited to see how the completed product turned out. As you can see from the picture below, the end result was a stunningly unique bespoke finished bath!

Got your own thoughts on how your perfect bath should look? Feel free to challenge the Hurlingham Team!