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Hurlingham Post Issue 4

What’s in The OUTLEt?
All our baths and basins are hand made to an extremely high QC level. If they don’t quite make it, straight into the OUTLEt they go. We also trial many different design shapes and finishes that are one -offs and cannot be catalogued so the quickest way to move them is through the OUTLEt.

How to USE The OUTLEt.
Just send your customer to visit us. We look after your customer and you receive the margin. One of our retailer’s customers recently called, and purchased five baths for a boutique hotel they were setting up. The result was a boutique hotel with an unbelievable selection of unusual tubs at reduced prices and the retailer received the normal margin. Independent high quality builders are another possible client together with that consumer on a tight budget.
Why do we need you, the retailer? We need the contacts, you get the margin and between us we know where the baths have gone. The retailer also reaps the added benefit of supplying the other accessories required.
There are currently about 50 baths in The OUTLEt. Here is a tiny selection:

50% Discount. Scratch on side. Could be polished out.


30% Discount. Early model. More rustic in appearance. Not so refined as our current baths but with loads of character more akin to the French originals.


30% Discount. Again an early model. The tin interior is also the finish chosen by the French coppersmiths in the 1800s. It’s full of personality and charm.

30% Discount. A big 1200mm diameter in solid brass. Gushing with individuality. It’s very different. Where else would you see one? We have round shower rails to complement the trays.

Hurlingham Post Issue 3

Have you seen the latest cast from Hurlingham?

It’s called The Cameo and it’s a small bath with oodles of character. A really interesting upper body of the tub has an equally remarkable plinth. Fantastic in the corner of a bedroom or smaller bathroom, the outstanding form really creates a statement.
While the interior is high grade genuine vitreous enamel the exterior can be tailored with any of our bespoke finishes. A grand gold leaf, a sumptuous textile or any colour can be applied. A full polished model will be available in 6 months’ time.


Our crafty gilders have been working away again at various specialist leaf finishes.
Here are four:
1 Italian Heritage Gold Leaf.     2 Pure Gold Leaf with black background.
3 Pure Gold Leaf with yellow background.  4 Copper Leaf, Green Verdigris and distressed with patina.
Please remember if you want something really special for you customer, come and visit us with your client to talk with our craftspeople. It will be worth the trip. They have so much to show you.


Hurlingham Post Issue 2

Postcard Collection

We’ve just finished printing our latest collection of point of sale cards. The 63 cards can help you describe the vast choice that Hurlingham offer when designing the ultimate bathrooms. We can also offer free of charge dispensers for the cards together with various units to hold the dispensers.

Bronze Caravel

It’s possible now to create virtually any metallic finish on all our baths. Shown here is Burnished Bronze on our Cast Iron Caravel but it’s possible on copper baths too.
Remember our business is all bespoke and we want to develop something special for your customers. Why not come and visit our workshops in Lincolnshire? You can talk to our craftsmen and see many new ideas that are produced every week.


The Bronze Basin

Just available is our spectacular solid bronze basin. Its weighs in at 12 Kgs  and is a serious piece of kit. The interior is highly polished for comfort and the exterior has a gorgeous texture. We think it should work well with many tap finishes, especially our nickel high basin taps. Size is 380mm x 165mm

Hurlingham Post Issue 1



This is a Shower Hold-up!!!!


Hurlingham have just developed a ceiling support for our range of unusual and generally large shower heads.


Seen here with the Trombone shower head the additional support ensures stability for all the range.


The support can be cut to provide differing lengths of between 7 and 100 cm.

Black and White Moo.

A brilliant request we recently received was for a Black and White Cow Hide.

The specifier was able to choose from a selection of hides to create exactly the style required.

If you have any unfamiliar ideas and want an immediate answer on whether it’s possible please give us a call.



The Marble Square.



Another very genuine basin. Carved out of solid black or white marble it is heavy and has that authentic influence.


It weighs 48 Kilos so needs to be fitted on a solid base. The size is 360x360x175mm.