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About Us
Galleon cast iron bath in Matt Scarlet Leather

Since inception, Hurlingham The Bath Company have been hard at work challenging the concept of bathing and are on a quest to supply a delightful collection of interesting, bespoke luxury baths.

Robert Staples, M.D
Our Story

Why Choose Hurlingham Baths?

Each piece unique in character, exquisite in form, inspiring in creativity.

le petite cast iron childs bath
Bespoke Tailoring

Only you know what your dream bath should look and feel like, that’s why we offer a completely bespoke tailoring option, with our highly skilled craftsmen using state of the art facilities.

acanthus empire
Superb Collection

With our superb collection of luxurious freestanding baths, we strive to constantly explore new design influences which present both thrilling and timeless craftsmanship.

copper bateau with nickel interior
Quality Materials
Our Baths are made from classic and authentic materials - Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel & Marble and are customised and hand decorated in our Lincolnshire workshop.
galleon cast iron bath leather roll top
Unique Finish
Choose from over 10,000 paint colours, your choice of fabric, genuine leather, braiding, real or faux metallic gilding, stencils and the use of cast iron appliques.

Our Work

Just some of our unique customer requirements.

galleon cast iron bath scarlet leather exterior


Cut by hand and applied to clad to your chosen bath.

cameo cast iron bath


Painted in a choice of over 10,000 colours.

galleon cast iron bath hand gilded exterior

Hand Gilded

Choose either faux or real gold leaf!

galleon cast iron bath fabric exterior


Your fabric is cut by hand and applied to your Hurlingham bath.

copper bulle nickel interior


We offer a wide range of copper baths in various finishes.