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This guarantee does not affect your statutory or other legal rights and is subject to the following conditions:

  • The product was purchased from an authorised Hurlingham retailer, within the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.
  • The product is used in domestic applications only.
  • The guarantee applies solely to the original purchaser with proof of purchase and therefore is not transferable.
  • The bath must be available to access for the purpose of inspection, maintenance or replacement.
  • Under no circumstances do Hurlingham accept liability for any consequential loss or damage arising in the connection with any goods, material, or service supplied by Hurlingham.
  • All products should be installed and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided.
  • Repair under this guarantee does not extend the original expiry date. The guarantee on any replacement parts or product ends at the original expiry date.
  • Any part found to be defective during the guarantee period will be replaced without charge, providing that the product has been installed in accordance with instructions provided and used as the manufacturer intended.
  • If the product is no longer available, Hurlingham will endeavour to provide the nearest equivalent.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Damage or defects caused by – General wear and tear, including special nonchrome finishes, components such as filters, seals, ‘O’ rings and washers Incorrect installation – Repair using non-Hurlingham parts – Accidental or wilful misuse – Corrosion and the use of inappropriate cleaning products. – System debris including the build-up of limescale, which can be controlled through regular servicing and maintenance.
  • Compensation for loss of use of the product or consequential loss of any kind. In the interests of continuous product improvement, Hurlingham reserves the right to alter product specifications without notice.
  • In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem with your Hurlingham bath, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the bath. The retailer will visit and inspect the bath to advise as to whether it is due to a manufacturing fault or an installation defect. If the problem is due to a manufacturing fault, they will contact us to arrange further inspection and, if deemed to be a manufacturer’s defect, a replacement product as soon as possible.


CAST IRON Use a solution of soapy water and apply with a soft cloth or sponge in a brushing motion. Do not use wire brushes, steel wool & abrasive sponge pads. Rinse thoroughly with water immediately after the application of cleaners and wipe the surface leaving it completely dry after the process. Do not allow cleaners to sit or soak on the surface and avoid dripping taps. It is important not to use acidic cleaners or sprays as this will affect the surface of the bath and may result in small brown particles building up on the enamel surface or staining.

UNWAXED COPPER, BRASS & NICKEL Clean with warm soapy water and a nonabrasive cloth and dry immediately after use. Avoid dripping taps, sharp objects, the use of abrasive products and harsh chemicals. If the item has not been waxed, maintain the polished finish with the use of Autosol metal cleaner in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as and when required.

WAXED COPPER BRASS & NICKEL Clean with warm soapy water and a nonabrasive cloth and dry immediately after use. Avoid dripping taps, sharp objects, the use of abrasive products and harsh chemicals. To maintain the waxed finish reapply a suitable wax every 4-6 weeks following the manufacturer’s instructions.

MARBLE Seal marble two to four times a year with a marble sealant. Sealant prevents the naturally porous stone from absorbing spills and moisture, prolonging its beauty and its life apply according to the manufacturer’s directions. Clean marble with a soft cloth, warm water and detergent; do not use soap and avoid placing soaps directly on the marble. Clean up any spills of soaps and cosmetics immediately. Rinse the stone with clean water and then thoroughly dry it with soft cloth. Do this several times a week, or as needed. Never use anything abrasive on marble and never use harsh bathroom cleaners with alcohol, bleach, ammonia, acid or vinegar as these could damage the sealer and leave the raw marble exposed to staining. This includes limescale remover.

Dry up any pools of water on the surface, as this could lead to water marking. Hire a professional stone worker to repair any deep etching or cracks in the marble. Do not attempt to repair deep cracks or etching on your own; working with marble, especially one of this quality, is an art and damage is too easily done if you’re not experienced.