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About Us

Nestled deep within a bucolic Lancashire village sits a grand Georgian manor.

It had suffered the fate of many a country manor, being neglected by consecutive owners until by the 1970s it was left derelict and in disrepair.

That seemed to be its fate, until one man decided to revive it and restore this palatial home to its former glory.

However, the rebirth of a home also saw the birth of a new brand - Hurlingham The Bath Company.

The search for excellence

As the new owner of the manor sought to bring it back to life, he wanted to create sumptuous, luxurious bathrooms; but struggled to find any baths and bathroom furniture that matched his vision.

It seemed like the craftsmanship of the Georgian and Victorian eras had been lost to time.

Never one to be beaten however, the owner of the manor decided to create the baths and other bathroom furniture that matched his vision, forging classical designs with the very best craftsmanship.

Setting out on what eventually became a global voyage of discovery, he travelled the world seeking out the finest craftsmen, the most-luxurious materials and the techniques and practices that would go on to form the foundations of Hurlingham The Bath Company.

That journey led to what you see today in Hurlingham’s range of baths and bathroom furniture; a carefully curated blend of period design mixed with contemporary additions.

Today, it’s not just the original manor that enjoys the very finest baths and bathroom furniture, but many other homes, hotels and businesses.

From a small corner of Lancashire, Hurlingham The Bath Company has gone global.

The Chateau Denmark Project

Chateau Denmark

With Hurlingham’s reputation spreading, it wasn’t long before the company was being approached by architects, project managers and specifiers who were trying to source the very best baths and bathroom furniture for their projects.

Take, for example, the Chateau Denmark Project.

Set across 16 buildings, session rooms and apartments, Chateau Denmark really is a hotel unlike any other.

Situated in a neighbourhood steeped in cultural heritage (the Stones, Bowie and Hendrix all called the area home for a period), the team behind Chateau Denmark wanted to create bathrooms that left visitors in awe.

So, they turned to Hurlingham The Bath Company via our stockist West One Bathrooms.

The craftsmen and supporting team at Hurlingham worked with the Chateau Denmark team from concept to finish, crafting 24 baths in total, across a wide range of materials and finishes.

Chateau Denmark

Beginning with a detailed, considered design process in collaboration with Chateau Denmark, the designs of the 24 baths were then hand-finished by Hurlingham’s master-craftsmen in our Lincolnshire-based workshop, then delivered directly to the site after liaising with the relevant contractors.

Not wanting to settle for standard, the Hurlingham team created a series of truly bespoke finishes for Chateau Denmark including copper baths with red enamel interiors with verdigris with a patina exterior, and copper baths with red enamel interiors and black exteriors.

These verdigris finishes are a specialism of Hurlingham, where our master craftsmen use a process of multiple copper paint applications, reactive solution sprays and Scotch-Brite to achieve a truly dazzling result.

Aside from these stunning finishes, Hurlingham customised the baths further, adjusting the height of the overflows for water efficiency.

The end result was baths that were as much works of art as the paintings hanging on the walls of the hotel…

Hurlingham: the first choice for your bathroom project

Whether you’re creating your dream bathroom at home, or overseeing a major hotel project like Chateau Denmark, Hurlingham The Bath Company can help you achieve your vision.

Working with you

As you can see from the Chateau Denmark project, nothing is too sizable for Hurlingham to handle.

Whether you want one bath or 50, we can work with you to achieve the perfect baths for your project.

To aid project managers, architects and specifiers, we are able to provide computerised visuals of our baths prior to manufacture, so you’ll know in advance exactly what you’ll get.

We are also able to liaise directly with contractors, and can deliver our baths directly to construction sites where necessary.

At Hurlingham every bath is treated as a project in its own right, and we understand how important it is to get every last detail right. That’s why we offer a 5-year guarantee, FREE UK mainland delivery and thorough customer support from design to delivery.

Don’t think we’re restricted to the UK either. Hurlingham has provided baths to projects around the world, from the Americas and Europe to the Middle East.

Handcrafted to perfection

When you buy a Hurlingham bath, you’re buying a bath which has been lovingly crafted by members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen.

With 100 years of combined experience between them, our master craftsmen are able to craft baths and other items of bathroom furniture that are truly unlike any others on the market. That’s especially true of our bespoke baths, which thanks to the way they are hand finished, are always one of a kind.

Beyond that, Hurlingham The Bath Company is ISO 9001 accredited. This is an accreditation that all of our products are manufactured to the highest internationally-recognised standards.

Once our master craftsmen are satisfied that your bath has been honed to perfection, every square inch of your bath is intensely visually inspected, with our team pouring over every detail. We also video record our baths prior to them leaving our workshop, providing you with peace of mind.

Material: it’s your choice

To ensure our baths are long lasting and durable, Hurlingham can manufacture your bath from a number of different materials, including:

  • Brass.
  • Cast iron.
  • Copper.
  • Nickel.

Each of these materials has unique characteristics, from the way they feel to their weight. For example, our cast iron baths can weigh up to a quarter of a ton.

If that’s not structurally feasible for your home, then choose one of our brass, copper or nickel baths. These are hand beaten and retain the fully customised nature of cast iron, but are far lighter, with our copper baths being up to 86% lighter than cast iron baths.

In addition to being lighter, materials such as copper have the benefit of retaining heat for longer, and are highly hygienic, preventing bacteria from accumulating.

More than baths

We go beyond baths, offering a range of bathroom furniture that encompasses:

  • Taps including traditional basin taps, mixer taps, wall mounted taps and others.
  • Basins, such as traditional pedestal basins.
  • Shower trays, shower heads, shower valves, and accessories.
  • Traditional toilets.
  • A wide range of bathroom accessories including towel cradles, bath panniers and more.

These items of bathroom furniture are designed, made and finished with as much care and attention as our baths, with copper, nickel, brass and cast iron used throughout.

Add a splash of colour

We offer 50 different bath designs which can be customised in over 10,000 colours (including any RAL colour). These aren’t just any ordinary colours either.

We source our paints from prestige brands including Farrow & Ball, Roberson Liquid Metal, Little Greene and others.

What’s more, we can take your customisation a step further, incorporating textures into the finish of your bath. Fabric, leather and even gilded finishes can be added to give your bath a truly unique feel.

Send us your favourite piece of fabric or leather and we can use its pattern and feel across the outside of your bath.

Should you want to achieve a truly royal finish to your Hurlingham bath, then our master craftsmen are able to apply 24 carat gold leaf to the exterior of your bath, with each leaf placed on by hand.

Let your imagination run wild, and let Hurlingham make it a reality…

Dive into your next bathroom project with Hurlingham The Bath Company

Born out of a desire to create the very best baths, Hurlingham is here to help you create the bathroom you’ve always envisioned.

Visit us at our workshop in Lincolnshire and see how we make bathroom dreams a reality, or contact us on or call: 01400 263 310 to book a design consultation.