Imagine, Create and Bathe In Luxury

Each piece unique in character, exquisite in form, inspiring in creativity.

At Hurlingham our quest is to offer an exquisite product, while creating individual refinement.

We at Hurlingham pride ourselves on attention to detail, to deliver unsurpassed quality of excellence.

Made from classic and authentic materials, such as cast iron, copper, brass, stainless steel and even marble, all products within the Hurlingham range are handcrafted.

We believe quality and craftsmanship are paramount. For this reason, Hurlingham craftsmen produce the highest standards possible.

While every bath is crafted and finished by hand, variations will occur which is why each piece is distinctive.

Due to natural and environmental factors of ageing, use, maintenance, and inevitably, the authentic characteristics of the material, surface textures will be visible.

What Makes A Hurlingham Bath?

Distinctive Patinas, Living Finishes, Timeless Craftsmanship, classic and authentic materials…The Hurlingham Collection.

brass copper baths
Brass & Copper

All products made from brass and copper have a patina finish which allows them to react to their environment. This is why they are said to have a “Living Finish”. Their colour and polish (patina) will change with time and use.

cast iron bath vitreous enamel
Cast Iron

All Hurlingham Cast Iron Baths feature an interior coating of Vitreous Enamel.  Within this process, the vitreous enamel will follow the contours of the bath, creating natural undulations within the surface texture.

sampan wood
Solid Wood

As with any products made from solid wood, timber colours may vary throughout the product.  The craftsmanship required to create these models ensures that each bath is as unique as the exterior.

tivoli honed marble

Hewn from a single block of solid marble, natural variations in the veining of the marble make each bath unique in its appearance.  Our Tivoli honed marble bath has a number of different marble finishes.