Imagine, Create and Bathe In Luxury

Once upon a time in a small Lancashire village, a 17th century period house renovation project began. As the project unfolded, the owner of the home had dreams of beautiful bathrooms inspired by architectural design and artwork from the period. However, search as he may, he could not find anything that worked with his vision.

Never one to be beaten, he pooled his contacts and travelled the world to create his own range of products and from this day on, Hurlingham The Bath Company was created.

Take your own journey through the Hurlingham range and be inspired by the colours and designs from countries around the world. Specialising in period design mixed with contemporary additions, the Hurlingham fabric upholstered, gilded, stencilled and painted baths in addition to bespoke options are also available in an easy to use palette of pre-selected fabrics and colours, so you do not have to be an expert to get the interior designer look.