Brass Bulle

Brass Bulle
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Care instructions

The baths are protected for delivery and the wrapping should never be removed until it arrives in the bathroom to prevent any accidental damage.

Please take care when cleaning the lacquered body to ensure no aggressive materials are used. Always rinse after use and dry off with an absorbent soft cloth.

Beware that a constantly dripping tap may cause staining.

Genuine leather is natural and offers warmth and rich individual character to any bathroom decor.

Leather areas should be occasionally re-proofed with the Hurlingham approved water-proofing spray.

The use of leather to clad baths is not dissimilar to the use of leather for outdoor clothing and footwear. As long as it is treated correctly when fitted and subsequently treated occasionally if high use takes its toll, there should be no problem in its use. Hurlingham uses high quality full and semi aniline leather which is treated with a durable water and stain repellent. Occasionally more than one hide is used for a bath so variation in colour and texture may occur. Such a unique appearance on the bath adds extra character and is often associated with leather products.

We do not recommend its use where water is constantly in close vicinity such as near an open shower or in a child’s bathroom and therefore can only guarantee leather if it is subsequently treated with our specified product as and when required.

Leather clad baths are only recommended for the larger bathroom where there is some degree of air movement. We regret our guarantee will be void if the room humidity level is excessively high.

Not recommended for commercial operations such as hotels etc.

About this product

A real “wow factor” for any luxurious bathroom, this stunning free standing bath has the exact shape and curves of the Copper Bulle. The true original, this radiantly lustrous bath is made entirely of brass and polished both inside and out for a gleaming finish.
Customise the Brass Bulle with the addition of a leather roll or even paint some areas to add a sense of drama or contrast.


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