Galleon Pewter Luster
Galleon clad in Audubon Pink fabric
Galleon Black and White Cow Hide
Galleon Cast Iron Freestanding Bath - Bespoke Tartan Fabric
Galleon Zebra on Leather
Galleon Conway Leather Body and Plinth
Galleon Conway Leather Body and Polished Plinth
Galleon Polished Body with Conway Leather Plinth
Galleon Painted in Hardwick White
Galleon Ostrich Leather
Galleon Osbourn and Little Fabric
Galleon Copper Leaf Smoothed
Galleon Matt Scarlet Leather
Galleon Henna on Leather
Galleon Faux Gold Leaf Stylised
Galleon Brown and White Hair on Cow Hide
Galleon Baroque Leather
Stripe Galleon
Galleon Smoked Trout with Leather Rim
Galleon Andrew Martin Fabric
Galleon Steel Grey
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Cast Iron
Vitreous Enamel
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Care instructions

Use a solution of soapy water and apply with a soft cloth or sponge in a brushing motion. Do not use wire brushes, steel wool & abrasive sponge pads. Rinse thoroughly with water immediately after the application of cleaners and wipe the surface leaving it completely dry after the process.

Do not allow cleaners to sit or soak on the surface and avoid dripping taps.

It is important not to use acidic cleaners or sprays as this will affect the surface of the bath and may result in small brown particles building up on the enamel surface or staining.

About this product

Perhaps the very epitome of the image conjured up when you say ‘freestanding’ or ‘roll top’ baths. With it's alluring shape, deep sides and classical proportions this double slipper bath possesses both a complete roll and rests on a gently sloping plinth. One of the most popular baths Hurlingham has created, this gorgeous and incredibly versatile bath can be bespoke decorated to your tastes, be that painted, gilded, wrapped in fabric or leather.

The Interior is genuine Vitreous Enamel, an ultra-tough and resistant material.


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